Crazy Busy!

Crazy Busy - Woman sitting on the toilet with her laptop computer, still workingIt seems these days every time someone asks me “How are you?” my answer is always “BUSY“.  For example taking your laptop into the loo with you is a sure sign you are either crazy or just simply busy!

To add salt to the wound, the brain, even in it’s busy state, keeps churning and suddenly it dawned on me…….Considering everything I have going on in my life in this particular time/space continuum, the fact is I am actually going to be busy for a long time yet and stating the fact over and over is not helping in any way….so I had better get over it and get on with it!

I mentioned this “busy” thought to one of my dear friends and business partners, Jakki, and (as it inevitably always does when we chat) we went on to analyse the issue at hand. (Believe me when I say there is NOTHING we cannot analyse!) Anyhoo! Once we had gone around the globe and solved the problems of the world in an hour and a half, the agreement was to find a new word for BUSY! Brilliant idea Jakki!

First, let’s look at what ‘busy‘ could possibly mean to some people.   You could be “busy” keeping up with the latest soaps on TV or the real life ones on facebook, partying with mates on weekends, meeting for coffee and catching up with the the latest goss, engaging in idle chatter to pass the time,  or holidaying in some tropical paradise……and it’s possible you could be busy doing just one of these things, let alone all of them at once!

Not that there is anything wrong with spending your time on any of these things, in fact I am a little jealous if you are, but when we really looked at what it meant when I said I was “busy” it uncovered that, in fact, I am actually spending a truck load of time THINKING, ANALYSING, COMMUNICATING, WORKING, ACHIEVING, GROWING, LEARNING, TEACHING and in turn BUILDING a sustainable future to the best of my ability in harmony with those around me.  After realising this, the word BUSY just didn’t cut it anymore!

I haven’t spent too much time hunting for THE new word, since there is lot’s to do and so little time, but this morning when Joe Millward skyped me and told me that he had been “crazy busy” (a term I would have used myself prior to it’s analysis) I knew I had to take action! So a quick google of synonyms of the word “BUSY” lead me to it’s temporary replacement (until someone comes up with a better one), so here it is:

BUSTLING:- full of energetic and noisy activity! (as opposed to Hustling, which briefly caught my eye but has a slight sinister flavour)

I love that BUSTLING stands for energetic and noisy activity, coz if you knew our lot, you would definately agree with that definition but the word “bustling” lacks in it’s capacity to portray an image of achieving, growing, learning and building, so there has to be a better word out there, I would be grateful for any suggestions you may wish to offer….but until then…

….i really must BUSTLE!

About Lisa Wain

Observer, explorer, ponderer, authentic, direct, independent, confident, open-minded, love a challenge and a good conversation.
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7 Responses to Crazy Busy!

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  4. I actually like the word hustling 🙂
    @Caenconte and myself use the nicknames HurriCaen and TornaJoe for each other as instead of busy we are now “spinning” … thanks for inspiration Lisa!

  5. jakkiwants2cre8you says:

    I suggest when people ask you how you are and you want to say “busy” substitute it with “actively and attentively engaged in work…..A LOT”. See what response that gets you.

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