where will we be in 100 years?

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from Wikipedia

This post was inspired by 100.steelcase.com, a website that invites you to join them to help us dream big about the next 100 years.

Here’s how I dream it.

After coming close to loosing nearly everything almost 100 years ago, including our beautiful earth, the masses began to wake up to our true purpose here on earth and began to work toward a sustainable, fair and just way of living.

People realised that Money was the biggest cause of most of the destruction and inequality in the world and stopped worshipping it as they once did.  Instead they began to worship themselves, their health, their families and their communities.

Capitalism morphed into a new Social Economic System where co-opetition between businesses is now standard and community and economic development are one in the same.  Business structure is now such that all businesses are social enterprises with a blend of private stakeholder and community investment, and returns are equitable and appropriate.  Wealth is shared by all who wish to engage in the system and monopolisation is a thing of the past.

Local food systems and hubs  replace our supermarkets and primary production is held in the highest regard…after all, they do feed the world.  Healthy eating, excercise.  Free energy from, sun, water, wind … meaning an end to the resource sector … resulting in mass unemployment and a return to community and a simpler way of life.  Spending time with loved ones becomes the new workforce as families come together at first for survival and then … because its just a better way of doing business.

Various methods of trade become available as the dollar increasinging becomes worthless against quality of life.  Barter and common-wealth among families and communities is the new economy, and thriving communities create thriving nations.

Self actualisation is the main objective where our climb to the top of the pyramid resembles the maslows hiearachy rather than one of global domination.  The exposure of global domination agendas taught people how to succeed in there own journey to self actualisation.

The internet, social media and technology gave access to all the information available in the world and education became a way of living rather than a curriculum of dictation.  Schools become obsolete and learning, working and living became one and the same as we all become teachers and we all remain learners.

Time management is no longer an issue and people giggle at the thought that it was ever a problem!

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